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BIOCHAR SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA works with various companies to produce Biochar mixes that suit their requirements, whether it is for soil amendment, removing problems in agriculture, stock feeds for hobby farmers or large-scale producers. We are becoming known for our blends of minerals and biochar’s and are intent on producing only high-grade products that are 100% organic.

Biochar is a high carbon organic material that has been produced using a process that is known as pyrolysis. 

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This produces a high carbon product that is naturally porous in structure giving soil increased structure and fertility while it increases water holding capacity, allows improved aeration and nutrient retention, while being a home for beneficial soil microbiology, aiding in healthy plants. Biochar is the building block for fertile soils.

The first known use of biochar is by the South American indigenous tribes and is still visible today.

Biochar is usually produced by a method known Pyrolysis which is a method of roasting the input material in a reduced oxygen atmosphere. This usually happens at temperatures between 400 deg C and 700 deg C depending on what the input material is and what the output biochar is going to be used for. It is common to blend biochar’s to achieve different outcomes.

Customers looking for solutions to problems relating to fungi and bacteria are increasingly looking to biochar plus minerals as one of the

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