BIOCHAR SOLUTIONS is about organics and providing healthy soils, clean air, clean water and good gut health. All our products are 100% organic and work with nature and not against it.

We are a leader in this industry and our first products to be released are our garden and feed additive range with filtrating products to be released shortly dealing with filtering air and water, and removing algal blooms.

We have years of product testing behind us and regularly consult with universities on these products.

We are committed to doing our best for the environment, while assisting to generate the best possible outcomes for our farmers. Our products can assist in stopping dieback and can also assist paddocks retaining moisture in times of drought.

Biochar Solutions has a continually developed products to aid in solving problems in relation to feed and fertilizer products and their outcomes.

Our feed products deal with the gut health of the animal and also produce a dynamic product delivered as droppings to fertilise the paddocks aiding in circular farming techniques.

We currently have stores in NSW selling our products and are looking to expand into other states.

Please call us for information on your problem area and we will do our best to assist you where we can.

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