There is nothing more pleasant than looking at an immaculate fairway or golf green. They are a matter of pride in workmanship.

Keeping these looking pristine is another matter for there are all sorts of issues from golf buggies and carts to the number of people walking over these all day long. There are also the tees that take a beating and need extra care to keep in top condition.

Bacteria and fungi, not all good can be transported from area to area quickly and make looking after these especially difficult.

Biochar Solutions products will assist in keeping these areas inoculated and looking their best with our tailored products. Available in course and fine for fairways and greens, these products are a blend of minerals and biochar. 

They can be applied to greens after coring to give that much needed lift and protection while allowing oxygen to get into the soil around the root region. They will increase water-holding capacity saving the amount of watering required daily as well as providing a healthy root system. The materials used with these products are designed to get oxygen to the root system.

Biochar Solutions are helping you move away from synthetic fertilizers and toward organics which reduce costs while giving added benefits. For areas being attacked by insects or beatles try our SEA 50 sea minerals. These have a bitter taste but also all the trace minerals required for aiding in maintaining you course.

Our products can be tailormade to suit your problem or off the shelf as a stock item.

Biochar Sllutions Greenkeeper – available in 8 & 15 litre bags

Fairway Solution – available in 8 & 15 litre bags

Tee Restorer – available in 8 & 15 litre bags

Are the all-round products saving costs while providing added benefits and all our products are 100% organic.

Adds essential trace elements to the soil provided by seaweed and sea minerals. Aids in water holding capacity.


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