Biochar Lawn Care

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100% Organic Materials Sourced Within Australia

Our Lawn care products are a mixture of Biochar and minerals with the addition of Sea Minerals to give your lawn all the trace minerals required for a healthy lawn. We use water holding minerals to reduce the watering requirements and keep your grass healthy. Biochar puts carbon into the soil and allows the microbiota a place to live and transfer nutrients back to the root system. Biochar Lawn Feed can be used annually to add carbon to the soil while acting as a slow-release agent for any fertiliser products used.


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Like everyone, you want to know how to keep your lawn healthy. Want that perfectly mowed, lusciously green lawn, it can be a challenge. There is so much that can go wrong. Plus, these days we know that a perfectly green lawn might have a few nasty chemicals to thank and who wants that? So, now you can keep your lawn healthy, while staying environmentally friendly.

Safety Information

Biochar Lawn Care Safety Data Sheet  View here