Soil Enchancer

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100% Organic Materials Sourced Within Australia

This product is known to

  • Improve Soil Structure
  • Increase water holding capacity and nutrient retention
  • Increase soil fertility.
  • Aid beneficial microbiota
  • Increase yield and plant health

Adds essential trace elements to the soil provided by seaweed and sea minerals. Aids in water holding capacity. Using Biochar Lawn care you can keep your lawn healthy, while staying environmentally friendly.

Biochar solutions can tailor-make this product to suit your application.

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Dosage Rate:

This will be dependant on soil type and surrounding conditions.

The guide for general applications in gardens use up to 5 litres m2.

For adding to compounds or potting mixes use up to 10% by volume.

Biochar can be added annually as a top dressing or mixed into the root zone. May be used with other fertilizers.


This product is chemical free

Safety Information

Soil Enhancer Safety Data Sheet  View here