Chicken Feed Additive

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100% Organic Materials Sourced Within Australia

This product is known to

  • Improve animal gut health by working on the digestive system
  • Remove unwanted pathogens and bacteria
  • Has been proven to remove the main toxins found in chickens.
  • Reduced odour, while giving healthier happier birds.

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Biochar Chicken Feed Additive: will work on the bird’s gut making a home for microbiology to be able to affect the bird’s digestive system. This way the birds receive better digestion of food, have higher energy levels and better overall health. Biochar promotes digestion, improves feed efficiency, and thus in particular energy absorption via the feed. It helps to remove toxins such as Salmonella – E coli – Campylobacter, mycotoxins, and spotty liver which are efficiently bound by the biochar, thereby obviating any adverse effects on the digestive system and intestinal flora. The health, activity and balance of the animals will be improved, as will meat and egg production. With the animal’s immune systems stabilized, the risk of infection from pathogenic micro-organisms decreases.

Dosage: Biochar Chicken Feed Additive use at the rate of between 0.5% and 2% of the birds daily feed ration. Higher doses are less effective than lower doses so stay within the limits.

Can be used with chicken litter spread to reduce odour in sheds.

– Used to keep the chickens interested and also contain beneficial feed.

– Pecking attacks are less common when chickens are fed biochar and the animals appear to be less stressed.

Safety Information

Chicken Feed Additive Safety Data Sheet  View here