Biochar Feed Additive for Cattle – Sheep – Pigs – Goats – Alpacas

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100% Organic Materials Sourced Within Australia

This product is known to

  • Improve animal gut health by working on the digestive system
  • Remove unwanted pathogens and bacteria
  • Aids in reducing methane outputs in stock.
  • Remove toxins ingested from plants

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Biochar Feed Additive for Cattle – Sheep – Pigs – Goats – Alpacas is designed to improve ruminants gut health by working on the digestive system, increasing the ability of the animal to fully digest food while removing unwanted pathogens. Our blends of biochar minerals and seaweed extracts are designed to reduce the methane production in stock while also removing toxins ingested from plants.

Animals are known to gain extra weight as the food is digested better and the animal is able to gain extra benefit from this in absorbing these extra nutrients, although this product has no nutritional value. Biochar Feed Additives sole purpose is to provide good gut microbiology.

Most owners will find their animals are calmer and easier to handle.


Dosage Rate: Biochar Feed Additive should be added at approximately 0.5% to 2% of the normal feed ration.

Care should be taken when using this product as it may remove any treatments that have been administered.

This product does not contain any Restricted Animal Material (RAM)

Product contains Biochar – Zeolite – Bentonite and Seaweed extracts that are all 100% organic.


Safety Information

Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Alpacas Safety Data Sheet  View here